Why See A Therapist?

Do you need a place to process your life experiences? Would you like to talk to someone caring, yet neutral, so you can grow to be your full self?

Many of us feel knotted inside. We have questions and concerns about our lives. We feel tense and stuck.

Talking with a therapist who is knowledgeable and compassionate can make a big difference. It will give you the space to change your life.

Questions such as, whether or not to stay in a relationship, how to talk with someone about something that’s on your mind, what profession to pursue, how to take care of yourself, are all things that can be talked about during a session. Your therapist will help you to hear yourself and feel your strength.

Claudia offers you this kind of caring, effective, and thoughtful listening. She helps you to illuminate the places where the pain began and create a pathway for healing.



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