Therapy I Practice

·Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is an opportunity for personal growth, for rediscovering aspects of yourself, and for finding your own truth. Individual Therapy helps you to say what is on your mind without worrying about how it might affect other people.  It is a safe place to talk about your feelings of anxiety, fear, depression or other emotions, with a dedicated ear to you alone. It is a place where Claudia deeply listens to, and witnesses the telling of your past experiences and present-day concerns.  In the telling, their hold on you is then released.

As a result, you will feel:

  • more happiness with yourself, your relationships and your accomplishments
  • greater ease with decisions and actions
  • increased clarity and confidence
  • a more joyful mood and family life
  • thriving in the present, instead of living in the past         

Live more fully and joyfully in the present, and create the life you want.

·Couples Therapy


  • Are you having doubts about this relationship?
  • Do you feel you cannot get through to your partner?
  • Do you feel shutdown, frustrated, or hurt by your partner?
  • Are you feeling hopeless about your relationship?
  • Are you at the end of your rope?

Before giving up, give this important relationship a chance.

We all hit roadblocks in our relationships. Seeing a therapist offers you a chance to talk about the stuck places, feel heard and understood. Come and see me and we’ll sort it out.

elderly-couple (black)

By taking this step to work through things, your bond can be revitalized!

·Family Therapy

family in the beach


The family therapy I offer is about opening doors to better understanding between all members of a family.  I encourage the voices of everyone to be heard. Family therapy is about having a safe place to address and resolve problems, and to break down the walls of silence, fear, anger, and misunderstanding that get in the way of having good, close relationships.  Coming to family therapy will help your family to change.  Your family will experience connection and coherence.


Through this process, your family will:

  • feel happier
  • communicate more effectively
  • realize love in your everyday lives
  • strengthen relationships within and beyond the family
  • face struggles and difficult decisions with open-mindedness

Take this step towards one another and relate in an open and safe way.


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