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From Clients and Community Groups
“Claudia Apfelbaum spoke at our group, for parents of young adults with drug and alcohol addictions. Claudia addressed two issues: the importance of taking care of oneself and being aware of the needs of the other children in the family, whom she called the ‘invisible children’.

Claudia‘s talk was well-received.  Her advice on the importance of taking care of oneself is something that all parents, and especially parents of addicts, need to keep in mind.  And her thoughts about remembering the needs of the other young people in the family was a valuable contribution.”
-L.Q., parent leader

“I would recommend Claudia without hesitation; she came in and met with our leadership team, and within just a few hours , had helped us to reconcile and resolve an employee issue we had been struggling with  for years. She is smart, wise, sensitive & skillful. I am glad to have found such an valuable ally as Claudia to lean on as HR issues arise. “

-Karen Meshkov, Philadelphia Eyeglass Labs (VP & 5th Generation Proprietor) 

“I have had an epiphany! In just one week, I’m processing things differently. I feel more conscious of my usual reactions and I’m feeling more in control about how I relate and what I say.”

-Former Female Client, 42 years old

“Sometimes you just need someone unbiased to listen. Claudia’s real-life approach to things, sensitivity, compassion, and incredible insight can help anybody who wants to make their life better.”

– Former Female Client, 27 years old

From Other Professionals

“Claudia’s calm, nonjudgmental presence is refreshing.  She has a gift in connecting with children and families.  Her tireless passions is evident through her dedication to the work.  As a colleague, I trust her and am inspired…”
-Tracy Weant, Director of Integrated Behavioral Health, The Family Practice and Counseling Network, Philadelphia, PA

From Workshop and Meeting Participants

“I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did leading the meeting yesterday. You put a lot of thought into the meeting content and you were very sensitive to the needs of all of us. I appreciated the feedback you gave me and how you thoughtfully brought closure to each topic.”

-A participant in the “Children of Holocaust” meeting




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