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Do you want supervision?  Are you seeking a way to get your LCSW?  Are you looking to expand your clinical skills?

I offer supervision to individuals and groups of people interested in developing their skills as psychotherapists. In either situation, supervision is a place to explore clinical issues while also receiving support for one’s personal and professional development.

The questions below describe some of the topics that are discussed in supervision with me.

  • How does one determine boundaries?
  • When does one offer a personal anecdote?
  • How to attune oneself to one’s clients?
  • What is transference? How do we recognize that?
  • What about counter-transference? How do we handle that?

Group Supervision:

Here’s your opportunity to gain skills, knowledge, and your clinical licensure while discussing cases with other LCWs.

» Group supervision is held Tuesday evenings, 6-7pm in Germantown, and costs $40.00 per week.

Graduates of my supervision group have said:

“Being in this group helped me to stay sane.”

“In this group, we build each other up.”

“It’s easy to be self-critical and feel isolated; this group is a great place to counter those thoughts and feel connected to others in the field.”

“It’s great to get feedback from several different people and has given me the chance to consider different approaches to working with my clients.”

Individual Supervision:


Individual supervision is an opportunity to delve into the work of providing psychotherapy to clients.  Things discussed are: transference and countertransference, the impact of cases on the therapist, the use of self, and developing confidence as a professional .

» For information about receiving individual supervision, contact me at

Thoughts from people in individual supervision:

“You helped me to see connections between my difficulties with a client and elements of my childhood.With that I was able to work more easily with the client.”

“You offered me a new way of approaching the problems my client presented.”

“You are sensitive and perceptive; working with you has helped me to develop greater capacity for empathy.”


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