About Me


Claudia Apfelbaum, MSS, LCSW, lives and works in NW Philadelphia, PA and has thirty years of experience as a social worker, teacher, and psychotherapist. Claudia is a licensed clinical social worker with a specialty in marriage and family therapy. Much of her work involves helping women to overcome internal voices of negation. Her work supports people to become fully who they are.

Claudia works with individuals, couples, and families who want to heal from personal and interpersonal trauma, repair relationships, and discover their full potential. She helps people to find and express their personal truths, recover their strengths, and navigate and resolve interpersonal conflicts. She facilitates a process of “working through” that allows personal pain and interpersonal conflict to become resolved. As a therapist, Claudia listens for the essence and assists with growth and healing.

Claudia earned her Master’s degree in Social Work from Bryn Mawr College Graduate School for Social Work and Social Research and received a post master’s certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy from The Council for Relationships. She has a certificate in Gestalt Therapy from the Cape Cod Gestalt Institute.

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