The Life I Am Leading

dancer silhouette

On my way home from modern dance class, I felt full of excitement with the pleasurable thought that I am doing something for myself. I had, in fact, considered dropping this class just a few days earlier because it didn’t quite suit me. So I had to work with myself and recognize the plusses of continuing and accepting the fact that it was not my ideal. That idea of accepting and choosing the class for the things that I saw that it would give me over dropping it, made me feel very good about myself. I recognized that I have a pattern of dropping things that I don’t like. But, somehow, I managed to talk to myself and remind myself of the things that excited me about this class. I was willing to commit to this class because doing so outweighed the things that I didn’t like and I realized, if I dropped it, what would I be left with? An empty Tuesday evening. Gosh, I didn’t want that. So, now it was after class and I felt great! The class had been good, my body felt energized, I had interacted with other dancers, and I knew I was part of something outside of my normal, everyday life. 

Is there a way that you keep dropping things that you actually want to do?

Do you feel disappointed in yourself because of this?

Does it feel, somehow, that by doing this you’re de-valuing yourself…like you don’t deserve it?

If you’re neglecting yourself like this, why do you think that is?

It’s time for you to put yourself first. Call me. We can talk about what gets in your way and help you start following through.


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